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Some US companies, including Takari, are already well known for distributing popular Indonesian brands such as Kara coconut products and Kopiko coffee candies. The global trade body also forecast that world merchandise trade volumes would contract at best 13 percent and at worst 32 percent in amid the disruption brought about by the pandemic.

Statistics Indonesia BPS data showed that despite a slight recovery being recorded in June, Indonesian exports still saw a drastic decline of 5. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

The registration for the event is possible either directly on the website of the Matchmaking Tool (online from 31 January ) or through the members area of.

Joanne Ng is the founder of Dateworks, a Malaysian matchmaking agency. A communications graduate, Ng was always drawn towards a people-centric career path, beginning as an air stewardess and later as a public relations practitioner. She first discovered the possibility of a career as a matchmaker when she was approached by an overseas matchmaking agency looking to start a branch in Malaysia. Ng took the job but left shortly after. Still, her passion for matchmaking never waned.

In fact, she sought the help of Caroline Brealey, an award-winning matchmaker based in England, to learn more about the field. There were times she would go for months without pay and had to seek financial assistance from her loved ones to keep the agency afloat. Ng began her career as an air stewardess and public relations practitioner before starting a matchmaking agency. Ng says matchmakers spend a lot of time reading through numerous profiles to find a match for their clients.

Twice a week, her matchmakers meet to discuss their clients to see if there are potential matches. Ng personally approves each of the matches. And we do not promise our clients that we will definitely find them a husband or a wife. Before the clients go on a date, matchmakers give them a rough idea of what their match is like but no pictures or personal information is given out.